Flint Justice Partnership launches resource website for Flint residents

April 18, 2020

Flint Justice Partnership launches resource website for Flint residents

Flint Justice Partnership partners with over 20 organizations to launch a new resource website for Flint residents

Flint Justice Partnership launches resource website for Flint residents
For the first time, Flint Justice Partnership expanded its outreach mission online. FLINT JUSTICE PARTNERSHIP.

Ann Arbor, Michigan—Flint Justice Partnership (FJP) launched a resource website to help Flint residents find important resources quickly. The website includes COVID-19 resources as well as food, water, mental health, healthcare, education and service line replacement resources. In addition to the COVID-19 resources, the University of Michigan student organization has added COVID-19 resources that non-healthcare organizations are offering.

FJP’s team partnered with over 20 Flint-based organizations to compile the list. FJP’s co-chair and U-M Nursing sophomore Lindsay Miles emphasized the importance of the resource, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our team put together this resource as a way to distribute valuable and necessary resources to the residents of Flint,” Miles said. “We have worked to consolidate resources from other organizations to solely include those initiatives that are both current and functioning, as well as new opportunities that have become available as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The website is regularly updated to include new resources. FJP’s co-chair and U-M LSA sophomore Michal Ruprecht said his team has worked hard to code a user-friendly website and begun a new social media campaign. Ruprecht said the campaign will highlight different partners and is led by FJP’s social media co-chairs Sandy Arena, a U-M Nursing freshman, and Caitlin Dusenbury, a U-M LSA freshman. The campaign will be run on FJP’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Community members are encouraged to share these resources.

“We created our resource page because we noticed many city and government websites are simply too cluttered and hard to read,” Ruprecht said. “We hope this initiative has a positive impact on the Flint community during this uncertain time.”

About the Flint Justice Partnership
The Flint Justice Partnership at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor aims to serve and connect with the Flint community and educate UM students about the Flint water crisis. FJP partners with multiple organizations to advance our mission. FJP was co-founded by Michal Ruprecht, Lindsay Miles, Quinn Nolan, Emily Welch, and Demetrius Ford in October of 2018.

Press contacts and links
Email: UMich.FJP@umich.edu
Website: umichfjp.github.io/pages/social
Email FJP to get the password for the press resource page.